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Redonk Breakdown of Breakroom

Recently, I had the honor of being on Kitchen Duty here at Redonk. With that honor comes washing dishes, putting away dishes, gathering dishes from all over (ehem Phill…) keeping the space clean, and restocking the goods to keep the animals happy. I know our kitchen space intimately…I’ve been called groceries around here. But what I hadn’t noticed until I was able to place an order through our vendor was how different all of our tastes are and how what we eat reflects our work disciplines.

First off I’m addicted to bars – KIND bars especially, not to mention gum and coffee –rearranging things in the kitchen for better efficiencies and creating sticky note reminders. It’s insane when we run out of my fixes or when someone moves the darn paper towel roll again, my wild(er) beast lets loose. Guess my time in Omnigraffle with boxes and annotations is effecting my daily interactions.

Brett on the other hand can’t get enough popcorn and fruit juice, though I think he has laid off the twizzlers. Darn his collegiate athlete fast metabolism. Glad it helps his code breeze across the screen and he always has a sweet disposition (unless he is fighting anything before IE10).

Then there is Bailie – pretty quiet around these parts and seems to avoid snacks with her exception of a Diet Coke (her vice here and there). But her chill unsuspecting ways of herding clients and creatives look zero calorie but its 100% umph.

Amanda plays it safe and goes for only good stuff and always in moderation. Her water intake is admirably astonishing. She wears the badge for most containers/food brought from home. Just like an awesome project manager – never overcommitting to a bad plan and always being prepared with her best foot forward. (I often wonder if her time spent in the breakroom is really to corner the creatives and dev.)

Ryan I can’t quite nail down – he’s into chips I suspect (which is fourth on my list) but I think he’s the house’s greatest consumer of coffee. He sneaks in there and takes care of business without lingering. Just like his wiz bang ways in Adobe Creative suite – I love being the annoying person watching over his shoulder.

Karolina is new so I haven’t been able to observe her habits as long, but it appears she has great posture at her desk and can’t say no to the soda…though we are trying to stock the fridge with her least favorites to hinder consumption.

Shar is the Vitamix queen and the peanut m&m advocate. She’s always juggling 50 things and doing it with a spunk of fun. Though we find glasses keep growing here at work from her home collection which makes it hard to fit my orderly shelves.

And that leaves Phill. Another stealth one in the act but he leaves his trail of glasses. You always know if Phill was here. Beer and chips is what I have observed the most which just shows his true nature of laid-back networking and new biz discovery.

We all work well as a team but consume so different of things. I’m so thankful Redonk offers a stocked kitchen and openness to our individuality.

What tricks or treats keep you motivated throughout the day? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!