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Photo by switz1873 / CC BY 2.0

Improving the “customer” experience of your Super Bowl party

It’s that time of year where football fans and non-football fans alike start making plans for the ultimate sports watching event in this country – the Super Bowl.

As marketers, a lot of time and attention is paid to the ridiculous television advertising budgets and never-ending sponsorship agreements that this yearly event makes possible. But today I’d like to talk about the Super Bowl party and how to create the best ‘customer experience’ for your guests should you choose to host one.

Just like the position many retailers find themselves in, your guests will probably have multiple options when deciding on where to spend that one special Sunday a year. Here are some tips on how to win your guests’ hearts and minds and have them coming back for more year after year.

Make it legit

Sending out a mass text to your friends a few days before the game is fine for any run-of-the-mill Sunday football gathering. But this is the Super Bowl, and you need to set your guests’ expectations accordingly. You need your guests to know this event is special, just like the annual sale at their favorite department store. Give them the important details like the time, what type of food will be served, what the beverage situation is, who is invited, and that you need an RSVP to plan for the event because it will be that epic. And they don’t want to miss it.

Step up your game

This should be obvious but still worth noting. Food and drink is more important to some than the outcome of the game, and you don’t want to disappoint. Your guests have chosen your party probably over other party options, the comfort of their home, and the benefit of knowing exactly what will be offered up at their favorite bar. Don’t worry – every grocery store, restaurant, and online food blogger is here to help. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) has jumped on the big game bandwagon, so no matter your strategy/budget/available time you should be able to provide your guests with the ultimate food and beverage experience.

Delight your guests

Making your guests smile in predictable and not-so-predictable ways is a great way to meet or even exceed their expectations. Create a photo booth style poster with the details of the game that guests can snap a picture in and post to social media (and while you are at it, make sure you save a copy of each and print them off for next year’s party – more on that below). Start an optional squares game for an added incentive to care about the outcome of the score after each quarter and keep your guests engaged in the game – even if it’s a massive blow out. Give out party favors. Little touches to making your event more fun and memorable will go a long way in keeping your guests satisfied.

Make it a tradition

Now that you have mastered the awesome Super Bowl party, make it a tradition. Consistency is important and once guests know what to expect out of your parties they will be all the more likely to turn down that random invite from the in-laws that comes way too early because they know the place to be for Super Bowl Sunday is at your house. Just like I know to shop at certain retailers when I am looking for guided expertise in my purchase decision, your guests should know you will be having a Super Bowl party this year and it will be just as amazing as it was last year, if not better.

Do you have any tips for hosting the ultimate Super Bowl gathering? Let us know in the comments below!