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We couldn't build a firewall if someone laid the bricks for us.

Palo Alto Networks

But we can put together a 58% increase in ranked webpages—like we did for Palo Alto Networks.

The Scene

Palo Alto Networks, the network security company to deliver the only next-generation firewall, wanted to increase the non-branded keywords that they ranked for online. So they asked us to provide keyword research and recommendations.

The Fix

We checked out the competition, did some in-depth research and created an ongoing organic search optimization strategy. We then optimized their top webpages and provided ranking reports, comparisons and analysis.

The Payoff

Over a five-month period, Palo Alto Networks saw a 58% boost in the number of webpages that ranked for highly competitive non-branded keywords—as well as a 10% increase in webpages that showed up on the first page of search results.

58% boost

in webpages that ranked for highly competitive non-branded keywords

Palo Alto Networks Landing Page