A Digital Experience Agency

The highly competitive data security industry requires innovation and strong brand positioning to get ahead. We made Credant the trusted data protection expert with a multi-touch email strategy, resource-rich landing pages, and unconventional offers like eBooks, educational guides and interactive quizzes. This multi-faceted approach to branding improved conversion and helped Credant gain market share.

Expertise Required:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Idea Development
  • Headlines
  • Copywriting
  • Email Design
  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Program Management
  • Measurement

External Media Superhero Ebook Campaign

Credant USB Campaign Landing Page & eBook

Your Guide to Compliance Campaign

Credant Compliance Campaign Email & Landing Page

SED Campaign

Credant SED Campaign Landing Page, Quiz & eBook