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Redonk’s 2018 Top CX Trends Countdown

Customer experience has always differentiated the successful companies from the unsuccessful. And in 2018 that’s not changing. But what is, is how companies deliver those top customer experiences, often driven by empowered customers who like what they like, refuse to be cognitively burdened by lagging technology and demand personalized, anticipated, humanized experiences.

#7: Full-screen video experiences

Who doesn’t love full-screen video? Users are screaming for it (really, they’re watching it every chance they get). And we can thank virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for opening the hearts of users to more immersive video experiences.

#6: Animated micro interactions

We are human. And user experiences and user flows need to be humanized. Taking the time to humanize those subtle moments of action with thoughtfully animated micro interactions will continue to delight and make UI’s more functional.

#5: Give users a voice. It’s the future of interaction.

From our laptops to our homes users are having digital conversations with chatbots, voice-activated assistants and real-time automated attendants. And the increased accuracy improves user experiences and reduces friction with apps and websites.

 #4: Users will stop scanning. Glanceable typography will be King.

 Users don’t read. In fact, they’ve stopped scanning too. Most of the time users just glance to read text quickly (1 to 2…maybe 3 words if you’re lucky). Lexical decision study results are pointing to BIGGER is BETTER when it comes to enabling users desire to read glanceable text on digital devices.

#3: M-commerce will continue to gain traction. Let’s fix that UX.

That’s right. Users are shopping on their mobile phones. And the better the mobile site experience the more likely users are to buy again and again especially if you integrate AI, one-click payments and a seamless omnichannel experience.

#2: UI design without borders.

Grids with rigid borders will be abandoned for fluid storytelling thanks to the new edgeless low-bezel and infinity screen devices like the iPhone X.

 #1: Perfecting personalization. Dynamic UX is the future.

It’s time to take the idea of responsiveness and apply it to the user to create user-responsive experiences that include improved personalization, emotion, age-responsiveness and intelligence.

What do you foresee being big in the world of CX for 2018? Let us know in the comments below.