A Digital Experience Agency

Helping Salude make a stellar first impression.


Salude is a short-term rehabilitation facility with an emphasis on upscale amenities and southern hospitality. With their grand opening just around the corner, they asked us to create a website that would wow potential patients. And we needed to do it in record time.


Knowing their target patients are young, tech-savvy boomers with high standards, we had to exceed patients’ expectations while telling a seamless story across devices. Salude’s responsive website does just that, giving patients a chance to experience the art of recovery before they ever step through Salude’s doors.


  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Development
  • Front-End Development
  • CMS Development
  • SEO

Beautiful on every screen

We made it our mission to meet users wherever they are. We built the Salude website to responsively adapt to the user’s device, delivering an exceptional experience across every screen.

A far cry from cookie cutter

Shunning dime-a-dozen stock illustrations, we created custom icons for Salude’s services. Keeping with the modern, minimalist style of the Salude brand, our iconography helps patients navigate between services at a glance.

Sweet and sticky, just the way we like it

Hidden or clumsy navigation turns users from sweet to sour pretty fast. Keeping this in mind, we made our navigation sticky on both mobile and fixed, so the user is always just a finger tap or mouse click away from where they want to go.

Bringing forms front and center

A key objective of the Salude website is generating interest from prospective patients. By creating a clean, ever-present contact form, we made it easy for users to request more information or schedule a tour.

Not your grandma’s rehab

Upscale amenities and lush surroundings set Salude apart from other facilities. In order to showcase the details that make Salude exceptional, we created a fluid slideshow that adapts seamlessly from desktop to mobile.