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This or That: Thanksgiving Edition

Embracing the warmth of fall and the spirit of gratitude, we invite you to join us on a delightful journey of choices and celebration. As Thanksgiving draws near, it’s time to indulge in a playful game of ‘This or That’ – a festive edition that will tickle your taste buds, stir up your creative flair, and ignite your gratitude for the little joys that make this season so special. So, pull up a chair, gather ’round the virtual table, and let’s explore the choices our team believes epitomize the essence of Thanksgiving.

Watching Football or Holiday Shopping: Unsurprisingly, our team finds itself almost evenly divided between these two enticing holiday activities. Yet, it’s the unique preferences of our outliers that might surprise you. Shar, for instance, favors the exhilaration of skiing over either choice, while Sarah delights in the diverse culinary delights served up during her family’s Thanksgiving celebrations, featuring both American and Vietnamese cuisines—undoubtedly an irresistible treat for all palates!

Midday or Evening Thanksgiving Feast:  Our team has no clear preference. However, Blanca and her family eat at 10 p.m. or later! But our favorite response was from Ryan, who has both, and honestly, why not?!

Turkey or Ham: This one was easy. Turkey ran away as the team’s preference (dark and well-seasoned preferably), and we have no comment to the few members who chose Ham. 

Dressy or Casual Outfit: While dressing up for Thanksgiving is fun for a select few, most of our team prefers comfortable casual clothes, and as Blanca put it, “I don’t need that type of shame after pie!”

Pumpkin or Pecan Pie: Pie, yes, please! Our team is all over regarding pie preference, and we aren’t complaining if all of these are present at our Thanksgiving feast.

We hope this playful exploration has enriched your appreciation for the diverse flavors, traditions, and moments that make this season uniquely heartwarming. Let’s carry the spirit of gratitude and celebration as we embrace the fall. Whether you choose pumpkin pie or a pecan pie, Football or Holiday shopping, may your Thanksgiving be a tapestry woven with the threads of joy, love, and cherished memories. Cheers to a season filled with warmth and gratitude!