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The Holidays With Redonk

Tis the season, and at Redonk, in effort to rally up the season’s spirit, we looked for ways to give back to our community and to help remind us that, whether large or small, giving can positively impact the lives of other.

This year our Dallas team partnered with the Salvation Army in Plano, Texas at their food pantry. Here we rolled up our sleeves and it was ‘all hands on deck’ to help receive and organize incoming daily shipments from all the local grocery partners. We got an inside look at how these partnerships are established and the significant impact they make to the local community. In between shipments our Design team traded the art of digital design for the art of box building, making over 100 boxes! Meanwhile the rest of the team put together a pantry’s worth of ‘Grab Bags’ that were Tetris’d to perfection!

We say this not to pat ourselves on the back but to encourage you to look for ways to serve others around you, especially this time of year. Remember that no matter how small, every act of kindness and service is important and creates a ripple effect of positivity that the world needs- especially in these times.