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Steals, deals, and post purchase thrills

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m certainly an online shopping advocate. But it’s not just the good UX, cute clothes and free overnight shipping that got me here. Oh it’s much more than that.

As with any kind of shopping, there are a multitude of pros & cons to weigh in when you’re making an online purchase. For me: authenticity of the retailer, current promotions and return policies are a few things that I consider valuable factors in the buying process. Doing your research before clicking “Confirm” can lead to a more guilt-free purchase.

Can I trust you?

Before I buy anything from a new retailer, I always check online reviews. It’s agonizing enough having to wait for your order in the mail in hopes that it’s everything and more, so why not take a couple minutes to make sure the company is in fact reliable?

I go to Google, type in “_____ reviews” and there you have it! Some people can be downright mean behind a computer screen, but hey, at least they’re being honest with their customer experience…right? With the online reviews, I can find out if I’m getting a good deal, if the customer service was on point and what kind of return policy I’m working with. It gives me the reassurance that I need when buying from a new company, because after all, they will have your personal information.

How not to break the bank

If you’re not an online buyer addict like me, then you might not realize that you never have to pay full price for anything. Seriously, there are deals everywhere online. It just takes a little bit of research and a positive outlook to find the bargain of your dreams. Below are some of my favorite sites to go to for deals:

On another note, being subscribed to your favorite retailer’s email list is another great way to receive deals. One of my favorite online boutiques, Nakedwardrobe.com, picks a day (or two!) during the week to give 15% off your purchase with a promo code you can only receive through their emails. It’s something that I probably use too often, but it’s a great way to get people browsing and buying on their site!

What happens now?

So your purchase didn’t quite work out like you planned. You read the reviews, you got the item for a great price, but it just wasn’t “you”. Now you have to return the item, but you’re absolutely dreading it. A return policy shouldn’t be difficult; in fact, it should be the most effortless process of all.

Take Urbanoutfitters.com for example. All returns and exchanges on purchases at Urban Outfitters are prepaid for up to 30 days; plus, if something online goes on sale within 14 days post-purchase they will offer you a price adjustment. Awesome!

I think the retailer that takes the cake on return policies is Zappos.com. You have an entire YEAR to return your purchase…that’s right, 365 days. Of course, it must be in unworn condition. Shipping is free, just log in to your account, print out a prepaid label and send it back in the original packaging and you’re all set.

Return policies should be clear, concise and effortless to keep customers coming back for more.

These are just a few tips and tricks that continue to make my online shopping experience as seamless as possible. Have any tips of your own? We’d love to hear in the comments below!