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Redonkian Spotlight: Lauren

Hey, I’m Lauren. I was born and raised in a small town called Honey Grove, TX. I received my Bachelor’s in Communication Design at Texas State University. In my free time, you’ll find me taking boxing classes, going to cover band concerts, or in a furry mascot suit at the Frisco RoughRiders’ games. A few of my interests include art history, learning new instruments, and making people laugh. I started at Redonk in March of 2022 as a visual designer. Some of the highlights of my time include helping with company rebrands, animating illustrations for websites, creating social media assets, and redesigning websites from scratch.

Here’s a little bit more about me:

Favorite beer or wine? I have yet to develop my palate for beer so my current favorite wine would have to be Yellow Rose from Landon Winery. I’m still in the sweet phase of my wine journey but hope to one day make it to a nice Cab or Tempranillo.

Favorite vacation spot? My favorite vacation spot would have to be at a beach resort in Cozumel. Growing up my family went once a year, so it has a lot of great memories, beautiful water, and (in recent years) endless Blue Hawaiians.

Best TV show of all time? You’re probably expecting me to say something like Friends or The Office… but in reality, the best TV shows of all time include That ‘70s Show and The Golden Girls. Highly underrated in their comedic writing.

Favorite movie? My favorite movie of all time is A Knight’s Tale. It has everything you could ask for: comedy, romance, action, medieval costumes, a classic rock soundtrack, Heath Ledger (RIP 🥲).

I need a restaurant recommendation, where should I go? Ever since joining Redonk, I’ve been exposed to some fabulous restaurants in the DFW area. My top picks would be Suburban Yacht Club in Plano, The Yard in Downtown McKinney, or Davio’s in The Colony (for special occasions).

You’ve committed a serious crime like putting dirty dishes in the sink and are sentenced to death. What would your last meal be? If that was a crime worthy of the death penalty, I would die every day. My last meal would be a full nine-course Italian dinner in Florence, Italy, and it would last at least 4 hours. It would include some of my favorite things like Caprese salad, Minestrone soup, Cacio e Pepe, any type of Bolognese pasta, Tortellini, Prosciutto, Tiramisu, Stracciatella gelato, and a Caffe Macchiato to finish.

If you could have dinner with 3 people, living or dead, who would you dine with?

  1. Heath Ledger—my first Hollywood crush.
  2. Chris Martin from Coldplay—he seems like a ray of sunshine, and Coldplay is my favorite band of all time.
  3. Betty White—she would be the life of the party.

How do you drink your coffee? I prefer iced and flavored (unless I’m in Italy). My go-to drink is a lavender mocha.

If you could do one thing other than work for Redonk, what would it be? I would be torn between wanting to be a CGI artist and working on Marvel or Star Wars movies, or getting paid to travel around the world testing out all-inclusive resorts.

Favorite concert you’ve been to? I’ve been to a lot of concerts, and they’ve all been amazing in their own way. My top two would be Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime tour in 2016 because of how colorful and interactive it was, and The Chainsmokers tour in 2019 because it was on Halloween so we got to dress up and dance to EDM music all night.