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4 Steps to creating a personalized customer experience

It’s no mystery that people love to feel special. They want to feel like a brand sincerely cares about their shopping behaviors, likes and dislikes, and hey, it’s even nice to receive a Happy Birthday email. Being remembered makes people feel good, which in turn builds long-lasting relationships with your customers.

There are hundreds of eCommerce stores popping up every day, and with this growth comes intense competition to be the best of the best. Standing out is critical in this fast-growing market, so finding a way to resonate with your customers is crucial to success. Personalization is the means to meeting your customers’ needs more effectively.

Know your customers

If your customers begin to feel like a number rather than people of value, you’re doing it all wrong. Right off the bat you should know who your customer is, what they want, and when they want it. For instance, when I’m shopping for clothes online I tend to gravitate towards neutral colors. If you were to look at any eCommerce shop I frequent, you would find a plethora of whites and beiges shown in the “Recommended for You” options. Everything I want is right in front of me, no constant scrolling or jumping from page to page. Amazon does a great job of this because they consistently showcase products similar to ones I’ve either browsed before or already purchased.

Increase their lifetime value

Everyone loves a good deal. It’s an obvious – yet effective – way to increase sales. Want to know an even better way to increase your sales? By creating tailored discounts for your customers on products you know they’re interested in. Who could resist that? Say for example your customer abandoned their cart because they talked themselves out of it for financial reasons. An hour later, they’re full of regret. While still contemplating whether or not to purchase the item, they notice you’ve sent them a personalized email with a code (solely for them) to receive 30% off their recently added cart item if they purchase it within the same day. Game over. They will definitely be back for more.

Be there for them

Sometimes (hopefully rarely) it’s hard for customers to find the answer to a question about a retailer’s website. Having a 24/7 online customer service rep there to answer questions about shipping, size, return policies, etc. makes the purchase that much easier. H&M does this on their website, and I constantly praise their CX skills.

Reward them

Repeat customers are some of the most valuable to your business, and to keep it that way you should reward them! Taking advantage of your customers’ passion for your business is a great way to not only keep them loyal, but to also increase traffic by word of mouth. Referral programs are a win-win because you’re keeping your existing customers happy while also bringing in new business. Offering them $5 off their next purchase with each new referral they bring in is not only motivating to them, it’s also a way to heighten your business’ success.

Personalization is constantly building brand loyalty by giving each customer a voice and creating unique customer experiences throughout their customized journey. What are some websites that practice good personalization? Let us know in the comments below!